Just say YES…and Trust
I was talking with a dear friend today and we were sharing how we each have grown in our awareness of what to say YES to and then taking the inspired action knowing we’ll be supported and guided to the results we desire.

It has not always been that way for me. I’ve had a lot of great ideas, and sometimes I’d even get started on them, but then something would stop me. That something was my fearful, self-sabotaging thoughts such as “This isn’t going to work”, “No one will want this”, or “No one will buy that”. It was my “protector” thoughts coming from my ego self wanting to keep me safe from disappointment, failure and hurt.  

I laughed when I realized this because in trying to protect me, it totally sabotaged any chance of success!

Now when I get an idea and I intuitively hear and feel this big YES!, I am totally aware of those self-sabotaging mechanistic voices inside of me and I squash them! I do it anyway and let go of the fears wanting to hold me back and keep me safe.

Besides, so what if I fail? I will have learned something. So what if it doesn’t work? I can try a new approach or a new way that just might work better! So what if someone is envious of my success? (yes, this fear has come up too!) It really is none of my business if they are!

Facing and questioning limiting beliefs is so incredibly freeing. Hearing the great big YES and then following through to the end in trust and faith requires freeing yourself from that part of you that wants to keep you safe by staying aware and really seeing the fallacy of them.

You know this part of you, it’s the one that convinces you to stop trying. You’ll never get it right, so forget it. You’ll just keep wasting your time, money and energy, so stop while you are ahead.

And, of course, as you let your thoughts build momentum in this direction, you cut off all other possibilities. You lose steam and you quit.

But there is a better way! The next time an idea comes up that feels good and conjures up a big YES in your heart and soul, go ahead and let those protective, limiting voices come up. Then, stand up to them and acknowledge them for their protective role and send them on their way. Now, move full steam ahead and know you have the power within you, literally as YOU, to create the end results you wish for.

I know it never seems like it at the time, but you always have the power to choose how you want to think about something. Your thoughts don’t control you, you control them. Let those “voices” know who’s the boss!

Then go forth and let all those great ideas flourish! They’ve been given to you for a reason.

You just have to say YES and trust that the source of that idea wants it to succeed as much as you do!

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