Where You Are Now Is Perfect
You may not think that where you are right now in your life is perfect, but let me explain. My husband and I had just returned from a fabulous personal development conference in the Bahamas’ and one of the speakers was Andy Andrews who wrote the book “The Travelers Gift”.  Part of Andy’s message was about taking responsibility for our lives. Now, at that time, I understood this on a certain level, but after that trip, I understood it on a much deeper level. 

What I had previously understood it to mean was to stop blaming others, stop playing the victim role or thinking in any way that someone else is responsible for my success or failures, but to take full responsibility for myself as I move forward. What I did not get previously to that day was that where I am at right now, is also my responsibility. If I am not where I want to be with my business or my income is not as I would like it to be—that is perfect because it teaches me what my previous thoughts, beliefs and attitudes were that have been responsible for my present experience! 

I suddenly realized that it is only my thoughts and feelings up until today that keep me stuck and continue to sabotage me from achieving the level of success that I desire. For example, those thoughts of comparing myself to the success of others and thinking “This is taking way too long”, “Why aren’t I there yet?” or “What’s wrong with me?” had been consistent thought patterns I am now aware of.

One evening, when I was talking with a friend who was riding on a wave of success in his business, I heard myself say to him, out loud mind you, “I’m envious”. He turned to me and simply said in all seriousness “Don’t be envious”. Of course, he was right, I knew it the moment he said it. I had been in a negative thought pattern based on my unconscious and conditioned past patterns of 1. Comparing myself to others and 2. Feeling sorry for myself and carrying around that burden of wishing I had what the other person had. 

I now knew clearly if I continued to think this way, I would continue to get what I was subconsciously focused on-LACK. I can look back now and realize this has been a pattern for me most of my life. I had adopted it for some reason, maybe because it allowed me to cope somehow with my feelings of unworthiness growing up. It was actually comforting to go into the “feel sorry for myself” mode when things were not going my way!!! Yikes!

I now realize that where I currently am is a result of my own previous thought patterns and it is perfectly designed, by law, to be this way. Just as the gentleman I was talking with was exactly where he was in his business as a result of his own, more virtuous, thought patterns. The great thing about this ah ha is that I have begun the process of changing it!! I can be in the space of “this is where I am now and it’s a result of where I WAS and this is where I am heading as a result of who I am NOW”. There is perfection in the Now. If you’re not happy with your current circumstances, what is that trying to teach you?

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