Our conscious and unconscious minds are very different and serve different purposes.  Positive thinking is a conscious mind activity.  So are organization, planning and logic.  Our conscious mind is creative and is also where our personal identity comes from. However, this part of our mind is operating only about 5% of the time. 

Our subconscious minds are much more powerful and make up the other 95%.  The best way to describe it is to compare it to a tape recorder.  It not only runs our biology, but it records and plays back all our previous programming on a continuous basis.  It is more powerful than our conscious thoughts and is what really runs our life.  It’s where our true beliefs reside.

A problem often occurs when our conscious and unconscious minds are not in alignment.  We can really desire something and we can be thinking positive about it all day long, but if our subconscious programming is not in agreement, it will over-ride our conscious thoughts every time and nothing will change.

Our pre-recorded programming comes from many sources, but mainly our environment and family from pre-birth to age 6.  Beyond that are the subliminal programming we get from the media and other outside societal influences that have become unconscious “truths” for us.

Most people are using their conscious mind on a daily basis to go about their daily routines, relive their past or create their future and are rarely focused on the present moment.  When the mind is busy or distracted in this way, we are not paying attention to our programming and our programming (i.e. other peoples thoughts, feelings, opinions, and beliefs) get to run the show.  Our programming can be good and bad, but most of the time it limits us or takes away our own power.  

Living consciously means to question those automatic thoughts and behaviors and recognize when they are not serving us.  When we can recognize the conflict, then we can begin the process of changing the programming.  However, we cannot change the programming by just telling ourselves to change.  That is like talking to the tape recorder and telling it to stop saying what it is replaying to us.  It can’t, it’s just a machine, like our subconscious mind.  We have to put the tape recorder in record mode.  We have to actually go inside and re-tape the recording.   This requires being in a very receptive mind state which is not our waking everyday mind state. 

The receptive mind state is the theta brain wave state, and is the same brain state we are in our first 6 years of our life.  In this state we can re-train our subconscious conditioning.  This is also the state where we can tap into our full power and the unlimited being that we really are. The powerful subconscious mind is also our infinite access to all knowledge and creates according to the pure word or thought and is the power behind all creation of our life.

We can use several different methods for re-programming our subconscious limiting thought patterns.  Meditation is one of the best.  We are also in a more receptive state just before sleep or coming out of sleep, that brief period of time right before being fully awake.  That’s why I suggest to clients to do their affirmations or visualizations during these times. 

Emotional Freedom Technique is another way to over-ride the unconscious thought patterns and has been demonstrated as being very healing for body-mind-and spirit.  There is also hypnotism, which is basically putting a person in a trance-like brain state making it very receptive to new suggestions.  And finally, there is new technology called brain sync technology being created with sound that “tricks” the brain into theta and lower brain states that allow a person to re-program limiting thought patterns.  This technology can be quite costly right now, but meditation, relaxation and EFT combined with affirmations are free to anyone.  I have also found some great meditation CD’s that I highly recommend that you can find on my website under ‘Tools for Body-Mind-Spirit’.

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