hands Have you ever had trouble trouble shaking off some negative energy that just wanted to hang around? I think this happens to all of us. One particular time in my life, could not put my finger on what had me feeling so dejected and down, but I could see clearly what it was doing for my business.  In direct response to the negative spiral I was in, my business leads had dried up and the people I did talk to were, to be nice, “drainers” themselves. After a few days of this, I knew I had to do something.  I did not want to feel this way anymore and I wanted o get back to the fun I normally had with my business. 

I worked my way back to the exact incident that derailed me.  A gentleman with whom I had several wonderful conversations with and who I was looking forward to having a business relationship with changed his mind completely and sent me an email expressing the reasons for his complete turnaround, all based on false information.  I was very disappointed (why can’t everyone see what a great business this is?).  And, even though his decision had nothing to do with me or the business, and everything to do with his own fears, I still took it personally. When I realized this was the start of my downward spiral, I started thinking more about it.  How I felt had nothing at all to do with this gentleman and his change of mind.  All he did was reactivate an old limiting belief about myself. 

Joe Vitale, in his wonderful book “The Attraction Factor”, calls it our hot buttons.  He says every one of us has a hurt(s) from our past that runs our life.  For one person the hurt might be failure, for another it’s the hurt of feeling worthless, not good enough, not worth loving or some other form of not feeling okay with who they are.  It’s also important to not avoid these feelings and instead face them and really feel them, then recognize them for what they are so we can give these feelings a voice.  

My husband helped me with this one and I realized a fear of rejection was pretty strong in my growing up causing me to not feel good enough in circumstance that triggered this hot button.  I took some time that weekend to do some clearing of the energy that was feeling so bad using some of the energy tools I teach my clients.  One of them is Emotional Freedom Technique (which I share regarding weight loss in my Love Your Body, Free Your Soul weight loss program).  EFT is a great tool for shifting your limiting beliefs (and your energy) so you can create more success in all areas of your life, but there are many others. 

I was not prepared for the dramatic change it made in my business!  Even though I changed nothing about how I generated interest and customers to my business from the week before, I was getting more leads than I had ever gotten in one week!  And the people I had the absolute pleasure of talking to were pleasant, wonderful, amazing people of which several were very interested in what I had to offer!

What had happened?  The core belief was exposed and disconnected, and the energy began to flow again.  I’m not saying another unconscious hot button will never again get triggered, but this was just another lesson on how to deal with it! 


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