colorful sun So what does wave/particle duality have to do with intention? Everything!  I love studying the concrete science behind the ethereal because it validates what we know is true intuitively and experientially.  Many of us know and have observed that energy is responsive to our thoughts and intentions. But, as humans, we sometimes forget and/or need more evidence of our Divine nature which is as much a part of our identity as our human nature. 

As a human being, we can fall into worry, stress, striving, and needing to prove our worthiness.  Yet, as a spiritual being, we have a source within us that says to relax, all is well, you are worthy just as you are, trust this.  This is our human/divine duality.  Wave/particle duality is a principle of quantum physics that actually measures individual intention! Scientists found that light was more than just a wave of energy, and that it could also be measured as a particle. 

The really cool part is when a technician sets about to measure the light, the light seems to “know” whether the technicians intention is to measure particles or whether the technicians intention is to measure waves.  Since light cannot be measured in both particles and waves at the same time, the light responds to whatever the conscious intention of the technician is.  The light obediently responds to the human request, appearing in the exact form intended by the person measuring it! This never fails!

What does this mean to us?  Well, it means that light has consciousness, and that it responds directly to the conscious intention of the individual!  What we can understand from this is that whatever our expectations are about a thing, it is projected as a very clear intention that gets results from the Universe! It also reveals that energy is both active and responsive to the human will. 

Therefore if we look at the quantum nature of creating a successful life, it truly lies in the quality of our thoughts, expectations and intentions along with the peace and joy of our everyday emotions.  To allow the kind of success we want into our life, a great question to stop and ask ourselves every so often is “What is my intention for this year, this month, this week, this day, this very moment”  We always have a choice.

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