Being a student of Universal Laws, I am always looking for the best ways to teach people how they can work with the laws to create the best life they can imagine. You deserve to live the best life you can imagine. Everyone does. If you have a desire, it is yours for a reason. How you choose to respond to your desire is the key to creating it.

One way to respond is by focusing on the fact that you don’t currently have it and allow yourself to get caught up in your negative thoughts and emotions surrounding not having it and not seeing how you could possibly create it in your current reality. Unfortunately, this is a common response for most people. This is because if you are like most people, you have been conditioned to believe you are not worthy of having it, or some other similar form of limiting belief about it.

Anyone who has done any work with the Law of Attraction knows this response quite well because through their practice they have uncovered these previously unconscious beliefs.  When they do, they are half way to creating what they want! When a person can bring their limiting beliefs into awareness, they can acknowledge them for what they are, let them go and begin the magical process of creating!

The other common response is to be cautious of anything that sounds too woo woo, out there or certainly anything that sounds too good to be true. Again, societal conditioning and traditional education teaches us to stick with what we know, do what’s practical, stay with what’s comfortable and don’t let anyone take advantage of you.  Does this sound anything like living in fear? I am always fascinated by the excuses people make for not going after their dreams by utilizing the natural laws of mind and Spirit. I hear things like “If it worked, everyone would be doing it”, or “What if I fail? I’d have to live with the shame of that”, or “People will think I’m crazy if I go after what I really want for my life”. Does any of this sound familiar? Fears of embarrassment, shame, rejection keep most people from even trying. 

But, what if you chose to respond in a different way? What if you knew that just by being alive, you already deserved as much joy, peace, love and abundance as you could possible imagine? When a newborn baby comes into the world, don’t you want all those things for that child? What makes it any different once they are an adult? They are still that beautiful soul that came here to experience being a human being.  Most people believe that human life is a creation of the Divine. Most enlightened people also believe we are here so that the Divine can experience itself in physical form.  Would you not also agree that the Divine is pure potentiality, pure love, pure joy and pure source? Well, if we are the source here to experience itself, then wouldn’t that experience be to know love, joy, and our full potential in physical form?

The Universal Laws are the blueprints for creating your best life. They provide most people with the missing instructions they did not get from their families, religions, educations and societies. They work for everyone, everywhere, all the time, no matter what. They are fair and just.  They play no favorites.

Being human provides challenges, which create dichotomies, which create desire. Does it make sense you would be given a desire without a way to make it real? If nothing could stop you from having what you want, wouldn’t you be so excited! Well, get excited because the only thing stopping you is your own imagined limitations! You have the same creative power as the Divine to create all the qualities of a life you desire! How are you responding to that statement? Is it bringing up some negative thoughts and emotions? Good! Those are your unconscious limiting beliefs trying to be known! They think by making you feel bad, they will keep you safe from rejection and embarrassment. Acknowledge them, then, ask them to leave because you don’t need them anymore. You have the instructions for something better. You are choosing to respond with joy, love, peace and abundance and you know you deserve it!

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Debra Betterly, PhD is an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach and Metaphysician whose passion is to help women expand their health, joy and purpose in midlife and beyond.

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