The Universal Laws

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Universal Wisdom of The Ages….
This is only a partial list of the Universal Laws of Mind and Spirit, but the most important ones to know about in my opinion. Feel free to comment or share others you have used in the comment box below!

The Law of Deliberate Creation
Deliberately focusing on thoughts that feel good to you, in order to actively move in the desired direction of your dreams, desires and goals, rather than just responding to events around you.

The Law of Growth

The Law of Growth is the Universal Law which is one of the simplest to comprehend. It simply exists to ensure that something always grows, that creation is constant and determined by the kind and quality of seed which is planted. In the case of Universal truth this seed is determined by the energy projected. Through it’s immutable, unwavering and predictable operation you can become conscious and purposeful in what you project or plant which will determine what you will receive or harvest in each area of your life.

The Law of Allowing
Allowing others to be as they are, whether people, objects or experiences, without judging it or trying to change it. Also allowing the universe to deliver all the things you desire.

The Law of Abundance
You have everything within you right now to make your life an absolute living dream. There is an unlimited supply of every good and wonderful thing and experience in the universe, enough for everyone and more. When you put in an order, the universe creates it, so it can never run out.

The Law of Relativity
Everything exists only by comparison, nothing is big or small, hot or cold until we compare it to something else. Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it. How you perceive challenges in your life is up to you, whether they are opportunities to grow or terrible hurdles to overcome. If you compare your problems with others, this may put things into perspective, it may not. There will always be others worse off than you. ‘I complained about my shoes until I saw the man with no feet’.

The Law of Rhythm
Everything in existence is in a dance. When something advances, another thing must retreat. Day follows night, high tide follows low and good times follow bad. These cycles occur physically, intellectually and emotionally. When you are having challenging times, this can you thought of as exciting, for good times are just around the corner.

The Law of Cause and Effect
Any action produces or returns a result or outcome in exact proportion to the act or the cause which initiated it. This is also referred to as karma, or sowing and reaping. This Law is also known as the Iron Law of Human Destiny because it is so profound and powerful. Simply stated, the Law of Cause & Effect says that everything happens for a reason. All actions have consequences, as do all inaction’s. Distilled down to the simplest possible terms, this law states that for every effect in one’s life, there is a specific cause.

The Law of Command

“The Universal Law of Command is most often expressed as the Universal Law of Affirmation (used throughout the Bible). To affirm means to declare or state positively; to make a statement, confidently declaring it to be true. An affirmation is a statement in which you declare a desired outcome to be true, a fact. Applying the Universal Law of Command: thou shall decree a thing (your affirmation) and it (the desired outcome) shall be established unto thee (it will happen, manifest in your life).

The Law of Pure Potentiality
The true essence of who we are is pure consciousness, otherwise called pure potentiality. This pure potentiality is seeking to express itself in form. When we align ourselves with our inner being and with the universe, that potentiality is able to become physical. The unlimited power of the universe is focused through us to create a physical change.

The Law of Detachment
This is less about letting go and more about trusting and believing. We trust that the outcome will come, so we detach from that outcome and allow it to come. When we attach to the outcome (I want/need more money) we can drive it away with the power of our need. Detach and trust that it will come. How it will come is up to the universe to fathom, not you.

The Law of Control

The Law of Control simply states that we have high self-esteem and feel good about ourselves to the exact degree that we feel we are in control of our lives. Unfortunately, the majority of the population does not live according to the Law of Control, but rather by its inverse, the Law of Accident. The truth of the matter is that every one of us is in total control of our life, but until one takes the step to determine that they are personally responsible for what happens to them, then they cannot help but live by accident.

The Law of Accident
This Law states that we feel badly about ourselves and have low self-esteem to the degree that we feel events and circumstances control our lives. In other words, we feel we are the victims of whatever else happens around us. If good things happen, then we benefit, but if bad things happen, we play the victim..

The Law of Belief
The Law of Belief states that whatever you believe with feeling and conviction becomes your reality. It is not until you change your beliefs that you can begin to change your reality and your performance. You have heard the doubters and the naysayers out there who always proclaim “I’ll believe it when I see it!” In reality, it is the other way around; it is not until you believe it, that you will see it (no matter what “it” is)! Self-limiting beliefs are perhaps the most detrimental of all thoughts, since they absolutely will keep you from the success that you may want, but don’t believe you can attain. There is an old saying that goes ”whether you think you can or you can’t, your right!” This saying is completely congruent with the Law of Belief.

The Law of Expectation
Simply stated, the Law of Expectation tells us that whatever one expects, with confidence, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When one expects with confidence that good things will happen, they usually will. If, on the other hand, one expects a negative outcome to a situation, then the outcome will usually be negative. Our expectations play a key role in our own outcomes and they also have a remarkable effect on the people around us. What we expect from those around us determines our attitude toward them more than any other factor. In turn, the people around us tend to reflect our attitudes right back at us – whether the expectations and attitudes are positive or negative, good or bad.

 The Law of Vibration
This law states that anything that exists in our universe, whether seen or unseen, broken down into and analyzed in it’s purest and most basic form, consists of pure energy or light which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency or pattern.

The Law of Resonance

The Law of Resonance is the Universal Law which determines the various vibratory patterns or frequencies which are determined and projected based on various thoughts, beliefs and emotions and the resulting projected frequency which activates the Law of Attraction ensuring that this resonance or projected energy can only harmonize with energies that vibrate or resonate at a similar harmonious vibratory frequency which determine and create your physical results.

 The Law of Correspondence
“As within, so without” is an old saying that perfectly describes the Law of Correspondence. This simply means that what happens on the outside is merely a reflection of what is happening on the inside. Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. An individual that is unhappy and living in conflict with themselves, will always exhibit negative behaviors on the outside. Sometimes, one can mask these negative behaviors and thoughts, but the true feelings will eventually reveal themselves. Everything in our lives is a mirror of what is happening within us. If you want to make your outside life better, the only way to accomplish this is to change what is happening on the inside.
The Law of Polarity

Everything has two sides – there are opposites to everything. Without hate you cannot experience love, without poverty you cannot experience wealth. One person may experience a situation as good yet another may experience it as bad. Choosing a favorable perception allows your vibrational energy to attract that which you desire.

The Law of Attraction 
The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives, that which we focus our thoughts upon. If your thoughts are constantly on positive outcomes and good results, then that is what we will manifest. If, on the other hand, your predominant thoughts are on negative outcomes and poor results, then that is what you will attract. This is based on the fact that the Universe is simply vibrational energy in motion. Emotions, thoughts, feelings and objects – absolutely everything has a vibrational frequency. Since like attracts like, it is only logical that the vibrational frequency of your predominant thoughts will attract results that have a similar vibrational frequency. We know that emotions that are love-based (love, desire, happiness, wonder, joy etc.) have a very high vibrational frequency, whereas emotions that are fear-based (anger, hatred, intolerance, fear, sadness etc.) vibrate at a very low frequency.

Focusing on, thinking about and talking about what you want (or what you don’t want) sends out a signal or frequency or vibration out into the universe. You will then attract that back into your world.

**Below, is any easy chart to see how many seconds of pure focused thought translates into how many action hours and how that converts into the possibility of manifestation.
Pure Focused Thought
Expression of
(Action Hours)
Mini Miracle
Medium Miracle
Large Miracle
Major Miracle