Top Ten Reasons to Apply the Universal Laws of Mind and Spirit to Your Life Now
1.  Because You Want to Enjoy Great Relationships
By applying the law of “Like Begets Like:, you must first decide to BE toward others how you would like them to be toward you. You’ve heard this before in words like “What goes around comes around” or “Do unto others as you would do unto yourself”. If you would like someone to be more patient with you, then you must show patience to that person and others in your life first.
The Law of Like Begets Like: The type of thought you have toward another person or situation has a powerful effect on the state of your energy field and becomes a magnet to the same type of energy equal to the intensity and spirit of its origin. The Law of Love: No matter what kind of a condition, situation or relationship you are dealing with, when you bring love to that circumstance of life, it will be transformed.

2.  Because You Sow What You Reap
Through your words and actions, you sow seeds which grow into you experiences and you will reap the results, good and bad, in your life. With this in mind, remember every negative word or action that is based in fear, distrust or judgment is a weed seed and every positive word or action based in love, trust and acceptance is a seed that produces a beautiful garden. Plant only positive seeds and produce a beautiful life!
The Law of Cause and Effect: The grand-daddy of all the laws, it states “Nothing that happens in your world, or to you personally, ever happens by itself or without a cause” (first cause is often your thoughts about a thing, i.e. thoughts become things!

3. Because You Want to Eliminate Difficulty and Problems in Your Life.
Guard against and expectancy of difficulty or problems…do not look for them or they will find you! By keeping in mind that whatever happens to you is always good, because it is for a greater understanding, a lesson to learn, or another step in your growth to a higher consciousness, you can consciously expect and prepare only for the best and you will get it. The key is to begin now, because what you expect now in this moment is what you will get in future moments. Any difficulty or problems you are experiencing now is due to your conscious or unconscious expectation of them in the past.
The Law of Expectation: What you expect, with confidence, tends to materialize.

4. Because You Want to Give You Best “Self” to Others.
If you like to help others, the Laws of Self require that your first priority be to take care of yourself. If you neglect yourself to take care of another, you can only give to the other what you have given to yourself and you will not be able to give your best. When you give yourself what you need first, you will easily be able to give your best to others from a place of love and without frustration or resentment.
The Laws of Self: Our needs, wants, desires, hopes, dreams, wishes, and their fulfillment are equally as important as those of any other soul in existence.
5. Because You Would Like to Know You Are the Co-Creator of Your Life.
Inherent in these laws is the wonderful ability to be the co-creator of your life. This is where free will comes in. By the choices you make throughout each day, you create your life. Choose love, joy, health and prosperity in all you do and you will find your life includes all of these. If you life is missing any of these, you can prepare for change by raising your consciousness to include what is missing, then pay attention to your inner guidance, take inspired action and trust that you will be supported by the Universe (Source, God) to bring these changes to you.
The Law of Manifestation: Spirit is the life, mind is the builder, and physical is the result.
6. Because the Truth Will Set You Free
The only view point from which you can see the truth and learn is to reach a consciousness that higher than the one from which you created the problem from. Unless you seek truth from within you (not from outside of you), your answers will be based on the limits of the mind-yours and others- and those answers and the experiences they provide may not serve you. All the answers you need are inside of you. Get yourself quiet enough for a period of time everyday to listen and bring to consciousness what has been buried in your subconscious. Ask “What is my next best step?” and you will be shown.
The Law of Transformation: If you are to transform yourself, you must know the truth and the truth will set you free.
7. Because You Want a Balanced Life
Balance is handling all aspects of your life in a way that results in the greatest good for you and for others. Balance is a continuous process. You never just achieve balance and then you are done. The well rounded aspect of balance is achieved through moderation in all things, excess in none, and keeping your activities according to your values.
The Law of Balance: Balance applies to your body, mind and emotions, and to all levels of your being. Anything you do, you can overdo, or under do, and that if the pendulum of your life or habits swing too far to one side, it will inevitably swing to the other (and sometimes in unexpected and unpleasant ways), so it’s always best to find the middle way.
8. Because What You Believe is What You Get!
Every happening in your life comes as a result of a belief you hold. A belief is just a thought you think over and over until it is a belief. Each unwanted experience is an opportunity to examine and change your belief about it, if you choose to. That which you conceive, plus that which you can believe, is that which you can achieve.
The Law of Belief: As you believe (all you think or feel is true about yourself, any aspect of your life, or your current understanding of how things operate), so it becomes for you.
9. Because Your Full Potential Isn’t Realized Until it is Given Away
To the degree that you truly and unselfishly give, you bring the transforming power of love to any situation, condition or relationship. Your full potential isn’t realized until you let it flow outward, generating creativity, healing, peace, beauty, and joy transforming not only your life, but the lives of those you touch. Whatever your gifts are, you must share them!
The Laws of Giving and the Laws of Love are intertwined: True giving, with no strings attached, is expressing unconditional love. When you focus on loving others, you give then the best that is within you and they feel inspired to manifest the best that is within them. (Marianne Williamsons Quote)
10. Because the Universal Laws are Unbreakable, Unchangeable Laws of Life That Work For Everyone, Everywhere, All the Time and Are Truly Transformational!
These laws are just and beneficial for everyone at all times and in all places. These laws can create chaos and suffering when you misapply them and create beauty and harmony in your life when you use them in the highest way. The Universal Laws, on which we’ve only touched on here, show you a better way. They give you the keys to transform first yourself and, Thereby, the world as you learn them, live them and become them.

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