“Trust yourself; you know more than you think you do.” -Benjamin Spock
  Staying True to Yourself and your true purpose starts with knowing yourself.  First of all, do you know how important you are? You have not been born into this world just to take up space. Nor are you here to be miserable or unfulfilled. You are here for a reason, or even many reasons. Your existence is vital to all who are connected to you (which is everyone). The way you view the world is unique to you, no other person see’s it the way you do. By the use of Universal Laws, you have created your world to be the way it is now and by those same laws you can change your world according to your particular wants, needs and desires.
So what are your wants, needs and desires? Are you living your life according to someone else’s wants and needs? Are you trying to know yourself by comparing yourself to others? This cannot be done. Where you are now-as compared to anyone else-is not important. It means nothing. You are an infinite being and to know yourself, your true self is to know and use your infinite potentials.  Your true power lies within you, not outside of you. That spiritual part of you, your higher self, is like an inner light in which you have wrapped all up in veils of illusion.  To know yourself you will need to unwrap those veils in which you have hidden your soul, your true self.
Your personality is not your true self, although it is how others see you. Your personality is the person you present to others. You think you need to hide your doubts, fears, guilt’s and other negatives from others.  Your personality is part of the veil of illusion that covers up your true self, your soul qualities.
Your true self is your individuality and it is made up of all your life experiences and life challenges that have caused you to evolve and shape you into the spiritual being you are today.  It is the diamond in the rough. It is the butterfly in the chrysalis. It is your soul self and it has always been there and always will be. You do not have to create it; you only have to find it. The process of finding it is a process of unveiling or releasing the guilt, the fear, the shame and all those negative and misleading concepts of self and allowing your true self, your higher self, your god-like self to shine in the world. 
There are three Laws of Self that are the keys to unwrapping those veils of illusion and knowing your true identity.  

1.       The Law of Individuality: This law says, as you honor, respect, and love your own unique individuality, so you honor, respect and love the individuality of others. Service to others is a demonstration of your true self which is love, kindness, peace, joy, and compassion. Only to the degree that you know and love yourself (your individuality) can your truly know and love others AND loving others shows you to your true self.  So, service to others is the first key to knowing your true self.


2.       The Law of Equality: This law is based on the understanding that we all come from the same source, are part of the same energy and were created equal. It says your true needs, wants, desires, hopes, dreams, wishes, and their fulfillment are as important as those of any other soul in existence. You are not higher or lower than anyone, but equal in spirit. In order to apply this law and live in accordance with your true self, you need to know what makes you joyful, what makes you comfortable deep within, what feels right and good to you and what you love to do. These are the needs, wants, desires and goals of the true self. When you have determined them and honor them, you are aligning yourself with your true self and only then can you truly honor the same in others.


3.       The Law of Priority: This law says that if you wish to help others, it is required that your first priority is to care for yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. Love and nurture yourself as much as you love and nurture anyone else. It also means to not move in opposition to what feels right to you, even if this conflicts with another. Even if you have the best intentions, do not go beyond the point of negating the self. By doing so you are saying that the goals, needs and wants of another are more important than your own and the Spirit within you is less important than the soul of another. Always honor the presence within you and do not place another person, situation, or condition higher than that presence. 

These laws show you how to know honor and respect your true self and that what you give in service to others must be in harmony with your true self.  To not always to feel you must have approval of the majority because that depletes the true self. They also mean to be open and aware that others, too, have much to offer you. Your true purpose on earth is to recognize, honor and accept the spirit within yourself and from that knowing you will find joy, love and the guidance to serve.

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