As spiritual beings having a human experience, every once in awhile you experience “one of those days”.   Something or someone has caused your energy to plummet into frustration, fear, insecurity, or self-pity.  When you can recognize that this is not your true nature and use the experience to practice moving back into alignment with who you really are, a loving, joy filled being, then that is called “mastery”. 

However, as Abraham-Hicks points out, the vibrational gap between the emotions of fear to the emotion of joy is too great to span all at once and a gradual movement in the direction of feeling better is all that is necessary or even possible. I call these my “squeezing out joy” days.  Too often, if I don’t immediately begin the “squeezing out joy” process, I have a tendency to let the negative stuff spiral out of control and I end up wallowing in self pity.  I forget what’s right in my life and all I can see is what is not right.

The “squeezing out joy” process is a gradual one.  It is a process of gratitude.  I can always find something to be grateful for no matter what the circumstances are.  I might start with the sun is shining today, I love that I live in Florida, I have a roof over my head, food on the table, lots of wonderful friends, I am in good health, and the ocean is only 10 minutes away! Then I’ll go on to, my kids are happy and healthy, my dog makes me feel loved, or my husband does wonderful things for me, like have my dinner ready when I get home from work or warm up a blanket in the dryer to cover me with on colder evening, to make me feel special. Ok, now I’m feeling some relief. 

Next, I get into looking for joy in the present moments as much as possible.  Right now, as I continue to move throughout my day, what makes my happy?  For example, I love that I have time in the morning to meditate and journal.  I love that I get to exercise outdoors everyday of the year, and I really love breakfast-my favorite meal of the day!  As I drive to work, I think about how much I love that my car has never given me any trouble, that the traffic is flowing and I have a great CD to listen to.  When I get to work, I notice how wonderful my co-workers are and appreciate their personalities. 

I give thanks for every kind, happy person I talk with and how they’ve made a contribution to my happiness.  When I get home, I appreciate my house and how it makes me feel so welcome.  I love that my dog is so happy to see me and my husband has welcomed me with dinner and a movie to watch together.  When I go to bed, I love how cozy I feel, and how good the sheets feel on my skin.  I am even grateful for the circumstance that caused me to get upset in the first place, because of the opportunity to appreciate what is right! I squeeze out every last drop of joy out of my day and then some more.  I have now bridged the gap from fear to joy.  I have avoided the spiral of negativity and can’t even remember how upset I was.  It no longer matters because the feelings of relief and joy feel so much better.

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Debra Betterly, PhD is an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach and Metaphysician whose passion is to help women expand their health, joy and purpose in midlife and beyond.

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