If you’ve ever worked with me, you know I am a huge fan of creating a morning and/or evening routine that incorporates self care practices and positive mindset shifts.  These practices set the stage for a better night’s sleep and give your mind and body an energy boost for the upcoming day.

Each morning and evening routine is unique to the individual crafting them, but from years of practice and working with others on their own routines, there are a few basic foundational practices that are proven game changers to incorporate.

Below is a “mix and match” list of practices to get you started. Your morning and evening routine will depend on how much time you have and can be changed up at anytime or adjusted according to your schedule.

Meditate: Trains your mind to focus and improve your attention, it also decreases anxiety and increases your ability to enjoy the everyday moments of your life.
Prayer: Connecting with Higher Self, Spirit team, Inner Guidance.
Exercise (Can be anything, walking, running, biking, swimming, yoga, stretching, etc…)
Energy work (EFT, Chakra balancing, other clearing exercises)
Keep a gratitude journal: Counting your blessings can boost your happiness level. An easy practice is to end your day by recalling at least three things that you are grateful for at the moment.
Journal/Plan (Intentions for the day, To Do’s for the day, Reviewing goals, etc..)
Self Hypnosis (Reading self hypnosis scripts to manifest positive lifestyle changes)
Extreme self Care: (Mirror work, pampering, etc…)

Here is an example of how a person who has chosen to take an hour every morning and evening for their routines. This can easily be adjusted if you have less time, but most people can find at least an hour a day to do either a morning or evening routine or both by cutting down on TV time or waking up earlier in the morning.

Morning Routine:

  1. Upon waking, sit upright in bed or in a chair and meditate for 10-20 minutes. Use a guided meditation or simply focus on your breath.
  2. After meditation and while still in a spiritually receptive state of mind, write in your journal your intentions for the day and/or give assignments to your spiritual task force. This sets the stage for living deliberately and creating consciously how you want your day to go.You can simply start out by writing “Today is a great day because…” This can also be your “To Do” list as you visualize how well everything is falling together and the ease at which everything gets done. You might also sip on some green tea with fresh squeezed lemon while journaling.
  3. Get dressed and do 20-30 minutes of some type of exercise/movement.
  4. Resume normal preparation for the day – shower, breakfast, etc…

Evening Routine:

About an hour before bed put away your electronics and begin your evening routine.

  1. When getting ready for bed and doing your skin care routine (if you have one), spend a couple of minutes doing mirror work. This is simply looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “(Your Name)…I love you, I appreciate you for…and I forgive you for…”
  2. With a cup of chamomile tea, sit in a comfortable chair and write 3-10 things you are grateful for today.
  3. If there are any lingering fears or any anxiety still looming about anything before bed, do a few rounds of EFT (emotional freedom technique), chakra balancing or other clearing method.
  4. Finally, the best time to visualize a desired outcome, say your affirmation or read out loud your self- hypnosis script is before falling asleep. Take 6 minutes to watch this video by Dr. Wayne Dyer on 5 Minutes Before You Fall Asleep – Positive Affirmations

Of course, your morning/evening routine is not limited to these suggestions, but they are a great start and part of a good foundation. You can choose to do certain ones on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and others on Tuesday and Thursday. Your weekend routine might look different than your weekday routine. The important thing is to make it yours and get into the habit of doing them at the same time every day. After just a few weeks, you will start to notice improvements in your life and energy.

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Debra Betterly, PhD is an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach and Metaphysician whose passion is to help women expand their health, joy and purpose in midlife and beyond.

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