A Simple Formula for Making Life Work!

Our results in life can be boiled down to a simple life-energy formula.  Beliefs–> values/ habits–>thoughts/words–>feelings–>emotions (energy in motion)–>behaviors/actions–>results or current life experience.

Everything about your life that is working for you or not working for you has its basis in the energy of your beliefs about yourself and life in general. It has its basis in what you have chosen to believe from birth to adulthood, from family, friends, society and all your life experiences about money, love, health and happiness.

Your beliefs become what you value and the habits you create in thought, word and deed.  Your habitual thoughts, words, and actions either feel good or they don’t feel good-but sometime you can’t tell the difference because even the ones that don’t feel good have become so comfortable.  You get in a comfort zone about certain things based on years of habit and even though you know it is not serving you, it’s better than being uncomfortable. So you continue the same behaviors and actions and continue getting the same results.

Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.” The energy formula can help you get different results in several ways because it gives you different points of awareness. If you are not getting the personal or financial results you desire in life, then something is flawed about your beliefs. If a thought creates a negative feeling, then the thought is flawed. If your actions are not serving you, but you keep doing them, then you’re in a comfort zone of a flawed formula. 

This is where personal choice comes in. You can choose to stay stuck in a pattern that is giving you unsatisfactory results in life because it’s easier or you can do the work to change the pattern and change the results.

So many people choose to not do the work or they start the work and if it doesn’t change their results as quickly as they had hoped, they give up. We live in a society of instant gratification. You read a book, do a few exercises and nothing changes so you give up. You try to save money, and then the car breaks down and you give up.  You hear about the Law of Attraction, do a few visualizations and affirmations for a few weeks, nothing happens, so you give up.  You go back to your comfort zone and say you gave it a try.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Unfortunately, for most people it does, including me.  Sometimes things have to get really bad before you make the kind of effort that matters. When life throws us challenges, it is then that most people are willing to dig a little deeper and once and for all figure their life out. It is when people hit rock bottom in one or more life areas that they finally search for answers.  And it’s all good.

You don’t have to have a major life challenge to be motivated to make the effort that is necessary to create the changes you desire. You just have to know and understand that it does take some patience, practice and persistence to see the results you desire.

So where do you start? At the end! Start by looking at the results in your life you are not happy with. That will give you a clue that you have some flawed beliefs in that area. Then you can begin the process of changing your beliefs. We now know, scientifically, that you can literally change the neuro-pathways in your brain. You can create new thought patterns that defy the old ones that no longer serve you.  Over time, the new thought patterns will result in new words, better feelings, productive actions and happier results.  How long does it take? At least 90 days of consistently and consciously re-programming the unconscious, automatic habits of the mind.



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