It’s so much easier to manifest the smaller things that don’t really matter as much to us than the bigger things that we really want or need.  Why? Because there is a level of detachment to the less important “It would be nice to have -but no big deal if I don’t get it” kind of things. 

For example, I used the manifesting principles I discuss in my audio “The Five Steps for Manifesting Your Hearts Desires” to win some door prizes at a local networking function.  In fact, I won 3 door prizes that day! It was easy and fun.  And, it didn’t really matter if I won-I just let go of the outcome.

Now when it comes to money, for most people anyway, it is harder to let go of the outcome.  Especially when we NEED a certain outcome! If we are running short of enough income to cover our obligations for the month and we apply the manifesting principles-we have to be ok with whatever happens! 

This is where it is so easy to mess up!  It’s so hard to not care! Which of course means you are trying to create from a place of lack and that is not the right energy to create from! That’s why it helps to practice small.  Practice your manifesting skills on something you would like, but don’t really NEED.  Practice letting go and KNOWING the right results will appear and being excited about them.  The more you see this working with the smaller things-the easier it will be for the bigger things.

I created a 20 minute audio on “Effortless Manifesting Now: 5 Steps to Creating Your Hearts Desires” to help you begin (or continue) manifesting your very best life!  You can listen to the call below, I look forward to sharing this with you!

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