The Perfection of Life’s Imperfections

“If you are happy about where you are today—then everywhere you’ve been along your life journey was the most valuable place to be” ~Francesca De Michele

I love my friend Francesca, she came up with this saying the other day at lunch, it just rolled off her tongue, and I had to stop her and make her go back and say it again, then write it down.  That sentence has so much meaning and dimension, just like her, that I wanted to base my next article on it.

It’s a bit serendipitous how Francesca and I met and where we both were in our life.  She came to my office where I was working as a wellness director of a YMCA to see if she could provide a workshop for our members.  As we talked, we both quickly realized we had a lot in common, even more than either one of us could possibly know at the time. 

We decided we needed to meet again for lunch with the purpose of forming a new mastermind group.  We were originally going to have other “like-minded” people join us, but somehow it never expanded past just the two of us.    

At our first several meetings we both realized we were not where we wanted to be in our careers.  I had an idea of where I wanted to go and so did she-but together, we began to formulate a clearer picture for each of us and a different vision for our next steps.  Soon we both found ourselves going in completely different directions in our careers from the day when we first met in my office!

6 months later, I love the new direction of my career and my life and I know Francesca is happy about hers too.  And I would not trade where I’ve been for anything in the world!  It’s where we’ve been that cause us to create the changes that better serve us, whether its career direction, relationships, health or anything!  The things you don’t want in your life are like your built in GPS systems-they point you in the direction of where you do want to go. 

Of course you can choose to not go in the new direction because you are afraid of failure, don’t feel worthy, or don’t believe it’s possible, keeping you stuck in indecision for a long time or for a life time.  But what’s the adventure in that?  The best thing you can do when you are stuck is get unstuck as quickly as possible! So what if you fail? You will have learned.  Unworthiness?  Who says?  We are all inherently worthy.  And if you don’t believe it’s possible, guess what?  It won’t be possible!  You must believe in possibility to move forward in creating your best life!  

The key to Francesca’s wise quote is to be extremely happy about where you are today!  What you thought, felt and believed in past moments has created for you this moment and what you think, feel and believe in this moment is creating your future!  I love where I am right now AND I love where I’m going!  I love the perfection of life’s imperfections and the guidance it provides for us.  I hope you will start today to create the life direction you want and deserve!  It’s all possible!

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Debra Betterly, PhD is an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach and Metaphysician whose passion is to help women expand their health, joy and purpose in midlife and beyond.

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