Perception and Choice

When something goes haywire or not as you expected, how do you automatically respond? It is so easy to forget that we always have a choice and we’ve been given the incredible opportunity through our choices to remember who we really are. When something goes wrong for us, we can choose how we want to react to it. In her beautiful book, “The Magdalene Awakening”,  which is an account of her own spiritual journey, L. Shannon Anderson states “God created the beauty in the Universe. Man created the hell. The Devil is in the Ego. All we need to do is keep our eyes on the beauty God created, and breathe….and wait for the ugliness and pain to slip away from our perception”.

Every unwanted situation is a gift. It is another opportunity to practice unconditional love. It is a chance to get it right. When our air conditioner broke down this week, right after we booked airfare to visit family for Christmas, we were devastated, financially and emotionally. Then, even though this was a financial blow, we decided to remember who we really were.  We prayed. We asked for relief from the 900.00+ bill we were told to expect for the repairs. Then we let it go and didn’t care after that what happened. As a manifestation coach, I knew that is what we had to do and that letting go is the key. We had to be ok if it didn’t work out, AND visualize and “know” that it would.

Well, the repair man came and put in the expensive motor, and it didn’t work. We had manifested the right person to come to our house to do the job, because he didn’t give up. He explored the problem and found out it was due to a 240.00 part that he put in and now everything is running great! He even went above and beyond and fixed another issue for no charge we had been having with the system. Wow, we were elated! The original bill was down to a third of the original estimated cost! But most importantly, we had another confirmation of how powerful we really are as manifesters and that all we have to do is ask and receive.

If we had chosen to grumble and complain and get frustrated with the situation, I truly believe the outcome would not have been so optimal. We also would not have had the opportunity to practice the power of our own thoughts or experience the elation of gratitude when the evidence of Divine intervention showed up!

The next paragraph in L. Shannons book sums it all up beautifully, “So…is enlightenment and ascension as simple as that? A shift in our perception, a different way to see things, a remembering of who and what we really are? Yes, that’s it. And is it true that all we have to do is ask? Yes it is. Ask and pray and wait as God, the Angels, our guides take us on an incredible journey to find ourselves”.

What’s bothering you these days? How are you choosing to perceive it? Might there be a gift waiting for you within the situation or a chance to remember who you truly are? Every single person who hurts you or every situation that challenges you is an opportunity to practice unconditional love for yourself and others, an opportunity to practice shifting your perception and a chance to know your true self.

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