Getting Back on the Path

I am always amazed at how the Universe works to conspire on our behalf, especially when it doesn’t seem like it! When it comes to life purpose and career, I believe everyone has one or more desires, goals, passions or “callings”, whether it’s apparent to them or not. Our soul knows what they are, but our minds (ego) may be suppressing it because it’s seemingly not very realistic according to the societal views. Or our subconscious mind does not believe it is possible to achieve the kind of success we desire doing what we love, so we find ourselves self-sabotaging any efforts to achieve our dreams.

Someone once told me you either have a job, a career or a calling. Having a job or a career is fine for some people, but to me, it feels ordinary and restrictive. Having a calling feels extra-ordinary and free. No matter how hard our minds and bodies may resist this “calling”, it remains there in our heart and soul to be either discovered or assimilated into our life in one way or another. And, it will get more and more persistent over time. We may even head down the “calling” path several times in our life, only to be sidetracked or derailed. So, we settle for a safer, more comfortable route. But, if what we truly desire continues to stay suppressed, we are increasingly not in alignment with who we really are.  We are “out of balance” energetically and this tends to create chaos internally and reflect in our lives externally.

It may be a subtle reflection, for example, we may be successful in the job or career we currently have, but we still feel unsettled and unhappy. Like something is missing, or it feels like we are living a lie. Something just feels “off”.  Or the not so subtle, being unhappy in your job or career, which is spilling into and negatively affecting every area of your life including your relationships and your health.

This is what was happening to me. For many years now, I’ve had a strong desire to help others see who they really are, to know the greatness that is within them, and to work with that brilliant inner source to live their healthiest, happiest, most fulfilling life. But that’s not what I was doing and I could feel this imbalance taking over my emotional, mental, physical and spiritual being. It did not feel good.

These were the signs I needed to make a change and start moving in the direction my true being. Yes, I’ve been down this path before, only to give up faith. But the Universe does not give up on us! It gives us time to grow in faith and trust and will continue to nudge and point us in the right direction. When the new year was looming, a fresh start was calling to me. So, I hired a success coach, and created a 6 month online integrative healing coaching program for cancer patients or anyone dealing with chronic health issues.

Baby steps. It all felt so scary and exciting at the same time. I kept asking God/Universe for a sign that I was on the right path. Soon after, I was let go from my job. I can’t think of a bigger sign than that! I am now spending all my time as an integrative health coach, putting one step in front of the other, knowing the Universe has my back!

What is your heart and soul calling you to do? What is being reflected in your life that is letting you know you are out of balance and not living authentically? What baby step can you take that will begin your journey down the path of your inner most dreams and desires?

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Debra Betterly, PhD is an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach and Metaphysician whose passion is to help women expand their health, joy and purpose in midlife and beyond.

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