What is a Midlife Master?

A midlife master knows she always has more to learn and that wisdom is infinite. She is at a place in her life where she now has a much deeper appreciation of time, choice and who she wants to be in the world. It no longer feels like she has her whole life in front of her to get it right.  She knows she needs to be here now, because now is all we have (or ever had). Relationships are more precious. Improving her health, increasing joyful moments and living her purpose are more important than ever before. She has so much to share and to give, a legacy to leave to her kids, grand kids and the world.

I’ve created this manifesto in support of Midlife Masters everywhere! A Midlife Master knows how to make most of this time, not just for herself, but for everyone whose life she touches.

A Midlife Master…

  • Knows food is medicine and eats accordingly
  • Watches more sunsets and sunrises
  • Opens her mind, arms, and heart to new things and people
  • Listens more than she talks
  • Does not complain, if she doesn’t like something, she changes it
  • Isn’t afraid to express her emotions in a healthy way
  • Doesn’t waste time on things she does not enjoy
  • Trusts in her higher power to guide her
  • Finds a way to enjoy moving her body and stay fit
  • Knows her happiness is an inside job (and is not related to how much she weighs or how much money she has)
  • Is not afraid to be herself and act on her true beliefs
  • Loves her own company
  • Chooses to spend time with people who inspire her or lift her up (and not with people who don’t)
  • No longer tries to be someone she is not
  • Has rid her life of personal and environmental toxins and makes better choices for her body and the planet
  • Does not watch mainstream news and gives her attention to the people, places and things that are making a positive difference on the planet
  • Knows age is just a number and that all her best years are ahead of her
  • Isn’t afraid to ask for help
  • Knows how to manage her time and energy
  • Gets plenty of rejuvenating sleep
  • Appreciates the beauty in nature
  • Seeks the truth in all things
  • Is creative in her own way
  • Practices extreme self care and self love
  • Keeps learning and growing
  • Follows her passions
  • Isn’t afraid to try new things, have adventures, play full out
  • Has learned how to let go of her unconscious negative thought patterns keeping her stuck in the past
  • Has learned how to manage her stress and anxiety in a healthy way
  • Knows what other people think of her is none of her business

I know this list could go on and on, and of course, yours might look completely different! What would you add to this list? Please comment below!

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Debra Betterly, PhD is an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach and Metaphysician whose passion is to help women expand their health, joy and purpose in midlife and beyond.

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