I watched Louis Hay’s DVD, “You Can Heal Your Life” last night.  I highly recommend it! I was having a tough day-not entirely sure why, but I definitely felt out of alignment and needed some reminders, so I popped it in and snuggled in bed to watch.  It was just what I needed.  Louis is such an amazing and inspiring person!  She has come through many challenges, even overcoming cancer, to be where she is today-happy, healthy, and highly successful in her 80’s! 


Part of her life purpose has been to help people love themselves so they can heal physically and mentally.  I am learning so much from people like Louis about how to integrate spiritual ideas and practice them to create a fulfilling life and I am putting some simple equations together in the process. 

Here’s one that I heard on a recent tele-class, which was deepened by Louis Hay in her DVD. 


Belief = Love For Self = Self-Confidence = A Successful, Fulfilling Life!

In other words what you believe about yourself, good or bad, conscious or unconscious, is dictated by how much you love (or dislike) yourself and how much you love yourself will determine your level of self confidence and your level of self confidence is what will attract the life you desire (or not). 

Here is my take on all this-It all boils down to loving yourself unconditionally.  We aren’t always able to be aware of our unconscious beliefs, or exactly where our resistance lies, so the next best thing is to love your self!  There are many ways to do this and I m a huge advocate of taking extremely good care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  No matter what!  One of the things Louis suggests in her books and on the DVD that I have suggested to some of my clients is to everyday, stand in front of the mirror and say your name first and “I love and approve of you!”  Look yourself in your own eyes and feel the love you have for yourself–Your real self.  If this is uncomfortable at first, it just means you are not fully there yet.  But keep going, it gets easier and you will notice yourself beginning to feel better and more confident! 


Another great exercise is the write “I love and approve of myself, therefore I….. ” and fill in the rest.  For example, “I love and approve of myself, therefore I choose to meditate for at least 20 minutes each morning” or “I love and approve of myself, therefore I fit in some form of exercise each day”  Just keep going with this-it is very powerful!  

When you feeling good and confident everyday, you are naturally going to be more “attractive”.  You will attract more of what you want and desire for your life!  And believe me, the life you want, wants you.   You just have to love yourself enough to feel worthy of receiving the all things you want! 


Thanks for being here and please let me know if this article was helpful and how the ideas suggested here made a difference in your love for yourself. 


 Namaste, Dr. Deb

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Debra Betterly, PhD is an Integrative Wellness & Life Coach and Metaphysician whose passion is to help women expand their health, joy and purpose in midlife and beyond.

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