Can what you listen to on a daily basis affect your health?

Can what you listen to on a daily basis affect your health? Yes, according to numerous studies that demonstrates there is a boost in immunity when listening to positive, uplifting music or saying positive affirmative statements to yourself and a decrease in immunity when you listen to off-putting media or cynical music.
My favorite study is the one by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, which powerfully demonstrates the effects words, emotions and music has on water. In his now famous study, Dr. Emoto reveals that classical music produced beautiful, symmetrical water crystals while heavy metal music yielded distinctly distorted, asymmetrical shapes. Considering your body is roughly 70% water, it makes sense to surround yourself with positive thoughts, words and sounds.
Choosing your “sounds” carefully so that they feel good to you and clearing out the negative noises such as the news which is mostly depressing, is vitally important, and especially necessary when healing from a chronic disease or illness, when everything matters!
Listening to music involves the limbic system, the part of your brain responsible for emotion. For healing, it is encouraged to make your own personal music CD or collection for various circumstances and moods involved in the healing process ranging from pieces to empower, relax, help conquer fear, release tears and provide comfort. This is an extremely practical and valuable tool during the emotional and physical recovery of illness.
Writing out what you are grateful for each day is another powerful way to use words. Research concludes that writing about what is good in your life or how you have grown and learned from your experience resulted in a significant boost in mood for participants along with a drop in illness.
So the next time you need a mood boost, listen to some Vivaldi Four Seasons or write in your gratitude journal. You will not only feel better, but you will strengthen your immune system to help prevent or heal disease.

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