"The truth isn't that you have poor self-esteem…and dream of being confident, or are a failure…and dream of success, or are unloved…and dream of being loved. The truth is that you are already confident, successful and loved…but you dream that you are not". — Denise Linn.

I once read about this remote tribe of people called the Huli living in remote areas of Papua, New Guniea. Until recently, they had never been exposed to anyone or anything outside of their immediate area. Many of the things we know about did not exist to them. To them, there were no such things as computers, grocery stores and banks. There were no governments and no stock-market. Electricity, telephones, and roads were not comprehensible. These things truly did not exist in their world! Yet, you and I know they are real. But the Huli's reality is just as real to them, as yours is to you.

The truth is, we all live in different realities, with different possibilities. So what does this mean to you and your dreams and goals? It means if it's not in your reality to believe it's possible to achieve your dreams and goals, it will never be your reality. In fact, there are six billion plus people on this planet and six billion plus realities taking place on earth right now, this very moment. Each one of us lives in a different world and different reality with different lists of rules for what is possible and what isn't. I live in a completely different reality than you do. You make your rules and I make mine. You live by what you think is possible in your world and I live by what I think is possible in mine. And each of you have created the rules that define your reality, or you have adopted the rules of others. And here is the key… You have the power to completely create new rules that re-define your reality.

If something is not working for you, you have adopted rules that are not serving you. You have beliefs about what is possible and what is not possible that do not line up with your desires. But you can change these rules and you can do it instantly. What is impossible in your reality today can be possible tomorrow if you desire it to be. This explains why some people have no problems, challenges or issues with their health, or their relationships or their prosperity, while others struggle in one or more of these areas. It is because your reality is a reflection of the way you see yourself inside. If you TRULY believe you are already healthy, wealthy and loved (which you are), then you will automatically do the things that healthy, wealthy, and loved people do! And, this will automatically attract other healthy, wealthy, happy, successful people into your life, expanding your beliefs and possibilities even further.

Most people try to "get healthy, happy, loved, rich" before they start to act healthy, happy, loved or rich, but It doesn't work that way. The belief has to come first, which leads to correct actions, which brings the desired results. You can't fake belief. You can try, but you can't. Belief in what you're capable of happens by constantly creating, and re-creating the rules by which this world operates for you based on new experiences and new understanding.

You need to continually expand your universe by accepting new rules of possibility discovered through reading, listening, and learning about the realities of others who have already created what you seek. When you see that someone else has created the reality that you want and you hear the story of how they made it happen, these are powerful worlds to learn from because they open up new rules, and new beliefs inside of you. When you expose yourself to these people's worlds, and open yourself up to new possibilities and be willing to adopt the rules they live by, your rules will change. Things which were once impossible for you will suddenly become possible. Idea's you've never had will begin to flood your mind. The outside world you live in will slowly begin to change as you place new rules upon it.

When your level of belief about a new rule you set for yourself becomes stronger than your current belief, then your world will change and you will have what you seek. Belief comes first, results come second. Define your new reality. Live it. Sleep it. Dream it. And your life will become it.

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