Guided Manifesting Journal

40 Day Guided Manifesting Journal

A great big loving thank you to all of you who have ordered! The journal is now in its third printing!
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40 Day Guided Manifesting Journal
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A 40 Day Guided Manifesting Journal
Write your heart’s desires and make them happen!

      Attract health, wealth, love and joy in 40 days or less!

Learn to Master Your Midlife Through Manifesting:

  • How to create a powerful desire statement.
  • The importance of writing thing’s down and journaling everyday for insights, ah ha’s, revelations, personal and spiritual evolution.
  • The importance of establishing a morning and evening routine for manifesting consistency and power. 
  • The top ten manifesting tips.
  • You’ll be guided every day to write your affirmations, gratitude’s, self appreciations, and steps to take toward your goal(s). There’s also room to scribble important stuff – lyrics, recipes, dreams, and more.
  • Our  bound, 100 page 40 Day Guided Manifesting Journal is designed by a Metaphysician (me!) to help you turn your dreams into reality and live your most amazing life!It measures 5″ x 8″, a handy on-the-go size to fit in your purse or backpack. Get your creative juices flowing, and let this journal guide you!Front and back cover made of 12pt glossy paper, laminated for durability.Filled with your Manifesting instruction guide and 40 days of guided manifesting.Beautifully and professionally designed.

 $19.95 plus shipping

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 Guided Manifesting Journal

Have you ever wanted a journal that guided you to asking all the right questions and putting to paper all the things that have been proven to help you increase your personal vibration and powerfully manifest better health, happiness, and prosperity? I know I have, and that’s why I created this carefully thought out Guided Manifesting Journal.

When you write in this journal consistently for 40 days, you will start to see wonderful changes in your life! When you write something down, you activate powerful, invisible forces. The act of writing invokes the universes hidden manifestation powers. By following the directions and taking the actions suggested, you will activate the Law of Attraction and manifest your hearts desires! When you do the work (play), it works! It has to, it’s the law! When you write something down you are ordering from the menu of the Universe. We begin to consciously select out of an infinite number of choices where we will place our attention. It is a way of amplifying a prayer. 

Order your Guided Manifesting Journal today! Find out for yourself the power that lies within you to create an amazing life!

I can’t wait to hear what you manifest!

 Dr. Deb

Author: Debra Betterly, PhD
Date Created: August 11, 2011 at 6:49 PM. Date Revised: June 13, 2013

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