If you want to have a good relationship with another, it’s important to invest quality time and attention to that relationship. In order to grow and strengthen your relationship with yourself, the same holds true. Spending some quality “me time” to better your relationship with yourself improves your self-image, and brings more balance to your life. Here are three great ways to invest in yourself on a regular basis:

  1. Schedule regular “Me Time”

Do this by scheduling time each week to do something by yourself, with yourself and for yourself. You know if you don’t schedule it, it most likely won’t happen, so get it on your calendar! Other people’s needs and attentions can easily take over, especially if you have a busy career or are a caretaker for others.

You might schedule time for taking walk in a park or to get a massage or pedicure. It can be anything that is simply for the pleasure of nurturing and caring for yourself.

This will ultimately have an effect on all areas of your life and improve your relationships with others as well. By doing this you are telling yourself and the Universe that you are valuable and worthy of this kind of special time and attention.

  1. Schedule a “Date Night with Self”

Another great exercise for loving and valuing yourself is to schedule a date night with yourself on occasion. This may seem odd, but the feedback I get from clients who do this has been so positive!

The “Date Night with Self” exercise is simply a planned date with yourself doing activities that you would want to experience on the best date of your life. Maybe its dinner and the theatre. Maybe it’s a spa day. Or maybe it’s something really radical like a hot air balloon ride!

  1. Schedule a 20 minute Morning Routine

Every morning, give yourself a minimum of 20 minutes for starting your day off on a loving, positive note! Suggestions include meditating, mirror work, doing a sun-saluation yoga routine, doing Donna Edens 5 minute energy routine, or drink a cup of green tea in quiet and journal. Anything that feels loving and nurturing will do. This is definitely worth losing 20 minutes of sleep for if you need to set your alarm for getting up 20 minutes earlier!

The goal is to enjoy spending time with yourself and giving yourself the gift of self care and self love. Doing these exercises and activities will serve you in so many ways to improve your self-image, self value and worth, and find that healthy inner perspective and balance that can otherwise get lost in our hectic day to day lives.

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Here is what Megan had to say about her FREE Midlife Mastery Reset Coach Call experience…

“Before I had this coach call with Deb, I was feeling very unmotivated and “stuck”.  I was at a point in my life where getting on medication for depression was a very real possibility but I wanted to try anything I could to avoid that option.  I’ve always felt like I had greatness inside of me but after some ups and downs in life, I just couldn’t reach outside of my walls to achieve it.

After my reset sessions with Deb, I can honestly say that I have hope again and a more positive outlook on things. She really did a great job at listening and seeing things that I couldn’t and I feel I was mentally blocking. I know that feeling better isn’t going to be an instant result but with the tools that Deb has taught me, I feel more optimistic and ready to put the work into the new tools I have.

I’ve noticed in a few short weeks that my mindset has been changing and I’m much more conscious of my thoughts towards myself and others around me.  I’ve even had some close friends tell me that they can see a difference in my attitude with things that I was more negative about in the past. I’m making goals each day for myself and journaling like I’ve always wanted to do but never followed through with.  I am very excited to see how these new tools and practices impact my life!

Thank you, Deb for giving me hope again to be the person I know I can be!”
Megan M., Rochester, MN

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