God Cannot be Limited

Last October I facilitated my first retreat based on the spiritual principles of energy, manifesting, and releasing negativity. The wonderful women who attended were open and ready to learn. I could feel Spirit working throughout the weekend, not just from my workshops, but from the connections made with each other and with nature. There was sharing, laughing, lots of conversation and most of all healing for those who needed it.

Which is why I was so surprised when I heard that one of the participants made the comment that “God wasn’t invited (to the retreat)”.  When I asked why this person might have made such a comment, I was told because there was no formal prayer involved with the retreat.

I found this so interesting and realized how much our religious doctrines have conditioned many people to believe that God is separate from us and will only appear when invited to be with us through formal prayer. Even though we were taught that God is everywhere, that concept can be hard to grasp when we are also taught that there is only one God. I remember thinking as a child, how is it possible that this one God is everywhere?

The answer is found in this quote from Fr. Thomas Keating, the most revered figure in the Christian contemplative movement today, from the movie ONE. In reference to a person’s spiritual journey, he said, “In the beginning is the real interior conviction that there is an Other (God, higher power, etc.), the second step is to try to be like the Other, and finally comes the realization that there is no other-you and the Other are one. Always have been, always will be…”

God is everywhere because we and God are one AND there is only one God (Higher Power, Love, Energy) that connects us all. We are all one. So if we are one with God, and God cannot be limited, then God is always with us and we cannot be limited. It is only our human experience that limits us, and therefore limits God.

So dear friends, God is ALWAYS invited.

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