This one can sometimes be really tough.  When someone has behaved unlovingly toward us—when they yell at us, lie about us, steal from us or treat us badly in any way—they have lost touch with the essence of who they really are.  Since all thought is thought about ourselves, then to condemn another is to condemn ourselves. How then do we escape judgment toward others?  Mostly through reinterpretation of what we are judging. 

As extensions of source, we are ourselves the spirit of compassion, and in our right minds, we don’t seek to judge, but to heal.  We can do that by consciously choosing to react to their behavior from a perspective of love and forgiveness instead of fear, and when we do, we release infinite possibilities of healing. In this way, we sidestep the attackers force, rather than resisting it.  The energy of the attack then boomerangs back in the direction of the attacker, since there is nowhere else for it to go (like attracts like).  

Therefore the power in forgiveness lies in remaining nonreactive—by relinquishing the idea of vengeance.  Source, through the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect, balances all wrong.  Through attack, judgment or punishment, we initiate a war that no one can win.  That battle is not real, because only love is real and fear is an illusion (all negativity drives from fear).  We can ask source to be lifted above these battles, and in the spirit of love and forgiveness, we free ourselves.

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