Still having trouble getting or staying motivated to exercise?  Maybe it’s time to make it a bigger goal!  Don’t make it about exercise-instead; make it about something even more meaningful to you!  What would give exercise so much meaning it would propel you forward and cause you to really want to do it?!  What would be so powerful a reason that you cannot help be drawn to it and feel you must keep going no matter what?

Here are a few passionate and creative “bigger goals” for fitness motivation that some of my other clients have come up with that got them moving and kept them active longer than they ever thought possible!

Here are six powerful reasons/fitness motivation tips to get you started!

  • Do it for a cause!  Run or walk a marathon for cancer or arthritis!  Joints in Motion and Race for the Cure are two organizations that allow you to sponsor a person with the disease, raise thousands of dollars, and go to a fun destination to run or walk 26.2 miles.   Of course, it will take months or close to a year to prepare for this type of event…so once you commit, you have no choice but to continue!  OK, you can choose not to, but how will you tell all those that donated money and your “sponsoree” that you quit? 
  • Do it to prevent a specific outcome.  For example: Give someone you trust a large sum of money to give to an organization you are adamantly against if you stop your fitness routine for more than a week!  
  • Accomplish a dream.  Ever wanted to see the world from the top of a mountain?  Plan a mountain climbing trip sometime in the next 1 to 1 ½ years and start training!
  • Learn a new skill. Is there a skill you always wished you had learned that fits in the category of exercise?  For me it was swimming-so I decided to do triathlons!  I joined the local Y’s triathlon training group, took swimming lessons, practiced and accomplished my goal.  What incredible satisfaction!  
  • Do it for others.  Is your dog or your family’s health more important than your own?  Then do it for them!!  Take your dog for a daily walk or walk with your kids.  Take your kids to the local YMCA or health club and run around the gym, shoot baskets, or go swimming.  At least get them on the right track of making exercise a lifelong habit! 
  • Do it before it becomes “Doctor’s orders”.  One client finally started walking every evening when her doctor made it clear that if she didn’t do something she was on the fast track to a heart attack.  If you have a family history of heart disease, get stressed easily, or have a tendency toward high blood pressure, then why wait until it becomes an ultimatum?  No one likes to be told they have to do something.  It’s a whole lot more pleasant to choose it for yourself!

I sincerely hope these tips get you moving! Having a big enough WHY can increase your motivation in anything you are having trouble getting off the ground whether its a regular fitness routine or succeeding in business. What is your most powerful reason for wanting to be successful in health, work, or love?


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