I believe its important to have goals.  By goals I mean to know what you want your end results to be.  Mike Dooley, in his new CD series, "Manifesting Change, It Couldn't be Easier", says that if you know where you want to end up and stay focused on that goal, the Universe will fill in the "hows" for you. 

This doesn't mean you just sit back and visualize it into your experience, however.  You must take inspired action and you must be accepting of the process.  It is not helpful to say or think, for example, "I will be happy when I am finally out of this JOB and working part time in my own business making a five figure a month income".  (That was me).  That will never work.  Be happy now!!!  Look for what's right about your life now and focus on that! 

If you keep coming from a place of not having what you want-you will keep not having what you want!  Its a subtle shift of focus.  It takes some practice.  I still fall back into old thinking, but am catching myself more quickly, and shifting back to what's good about my life now and where I am heading!  Here is my list of what I feel it means to have a commitment to your goal or the end result you desire.


1.  Have an unwavering focus on what you desire.  Do not change your mind if it gets difficult or it takes too long. 

2.  KNOW that the end result is on its way to you.  Remember, its the law!  The Universe wants for you what you want for yourself!!

3.  Visualize your end result every day for at least 5 minutes.   How does it feel, taste, sound.  What does it look like and what are you saying to others about it!

4.  Enjoy the process!!  What is right about that JOB you no longer want to be in and focus on that for now.  Write down 5-10 things you are grateful for in your current life situation every day.  Do something you absolutely enjoy every day! 

5. "Act as if" that extra money is already on its way!  Get prepared for the abundance!  How will you spend it?  How will you invest it?  Who will you give to?  or re-arrange your life and home for that new relationship-park on your side of the garage and sleep on your side of the bed!


1.  Try to figure out how to make it happen.  You will mess it up.  Take action steps toward your goal, but don't decide for yourself which action steps are going to produce which results.  In other words, don't become attached to the outcome of the actions you are taking. 

2.  Change your mind and go back to what's safe or secure out of fear that its not happening the way you wanted it to.

3.  Do your mind set work (Visualize, write gratitude's, say affirmations) for 30-45 minutes every day, but the rest of the day go back to complaining, being frustrated, and getting impatient.  You must keep the good vibes going all day!  See the Do's above for help with that!

4.  Choose to spend much time with people who do not understand your new commitment or who will undermine your confidence or who are negative talkers. 

5.  Do nothing!  Take steps-any steps-toward what you desire!!! Act as if its already on the way to your experience!  "Living in joy is about living in possibility, which creates hope and opportunities for greatness.  How are you living in joy?  Make a list and see how you can expand it."  ~The Secret

Namaste, Dr. Deb

P.S.  See Resources tab for getting your own set of Cd's from Mike Dooley's collection-I recommend them all!

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