The Power of the Mind

How often do you let your mind decide how your life should be instead of you deciding how your life will be? Your minds job is to think and it does a good job, it thinks all the time! It has a lot of old tapes running on auto pilot too. Whatever negative thoughts or […]

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How to Have an Exceptionally Great Day!

How To Have an Exceptionally Great Day! I am having an exceptionally great day today!  How about you? Have you ever just decided to have an exceptionally great day? When I first heard about this, I resisted it. Of course my habitual, automatic thought habits got in the way. They told me “Who am I […]

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25 Ways to Raise Your Vibration!

I have come up with 25 easy techniques to help raise your vibration so that you can be in alignment with a healthy, wealthy, and joy filled life! I and countless others have found these effective in raising ones personal vibration-Enjoy! 25 Ways to Raise Your Vibration!   Smile! Just randomly throughout the day, smile! […]

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EFT-The Secret Tool for Stress Reduction And So Much More!

EFT-The Secret Tool for Stress Reduction And So Much More!  We all have stress, its part of being human.  But it’s what we do with the stress that matter most.  When our lives are out of balance, when we get overwhelmed, when someone starts an argument with us, when we get stuck in traffic on […]

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"You can only grow if you're willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new." ~Brian Tracy

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