Breakthrough Coaching

This is essentially a personalized game plan that we will develop together to move you towards balance through overcoming any issues blocking your success and setting new actions in place that will lead you to achieve your desired results

Balance is truly the key no matter what your goals and intentions are. In the Breakthrough Coaching Package will explore your desired outcomes in the following four areas and create specific action steps to bring more balance, wholeness, and wellness to your life.

  1. Mental
  2. Emotional
  3. Physical
  4. Spiritual

This powerful Integrative coaching wellness action plan will serve as a guidepost to creating your best life!

The Breakthrough Process:
Step One: The Client Intake Process

This is an intense process for gathering information and getting real answers that create the breakthroughs and the “ah ha’s” needed to move you forward.

Step Two: The Coaching Graph
Designed with information taken from the Client Intake Process and additional client feedback, we will create a coaching graph for each of the four areas.

Step Three: Action Steps
Using the first two steps as a springboard, we will create phase one of your action plan. You will be given all the tools and techniques that will catapult you toward achieving your desired results. We will also create a game plan of your next steps to implement independently.

Step Four: Follow Up
At an interval of your choice, within the next 3 months, we will touch base for a coaching session to check in and make sure you are still moving forward and provide additional help, clarification or support.

Here is what Megan had to say about her experience with this process!

“Before I started working with Deb, I was feeling very unmotivated and “stuck”.  I was at a point in my life where getting on medication for depression was a very real possibility but I wanted to try anything I could to avoid that option.  I’ve always felt like I had greatness inside of me but after some ups and downs in life, I just couldn’t reach outside of my walls to achieve it.

After my 3 sessions with Deb, I can honestly say that I have hope again and a more positive outlook on things. She really did a great job at listening and seeing things that I couldn’t and I feel I was mentally blocking. I know that feeling better isn’t going to be an instant result but with the tools that Deb has taught me, I feel more optimistic and ready to put the work into the new tools I have. I’ve noticed in a few short weeks that my mindset has been changing and I’m much more conscious of my thoughts towards myself and others around me.  I’ve even had some close friends tell me that they can see a difference in my attitude with things that I was more negative about in the past. I’m making goals each day for myself and journaling like I’ve always wanted to do but never followed through with.  I am very excited to see how these new tools and practices impact my life!

Thank you, Deb for letting me be a part of this course and giving me hope again to be the person I know I can be!”
Megan M., Rochester, MN

If you feel the Integrative Wellness Breakthrough Coaching Package is a good fit for you and you are ready to take the reigns in your own life, health, and happiness, please register below

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