About Deb

Hello! My name is Debra Betterly and I am a Metaphysician and Certified Life Coach.  Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of reality, including the mind-body connection and other sources of healing from the inside-out.

I have been a health and wellness enthusiast my whole life. It all started when I was young, organizing fitness challenges in my neighborhood and then as a teenager, putting my dad on diets. After getting my undergrad degree in wellness education, I owned and operated a lifestyle change weight management business called “Health and Diet” for five years. I did weight management classes at local businesses and was doing a class at the local YMCA when I was recruited to be their wellness director. While in this position, I also started a local eating disorder coalition with the high school and a “Girls on the Run” program for Goodhue County. I moved to Venice, FL in 2006 and continued as wellness director at the YMCA there for 3 more years where I started the Girls on the Run program for Sarasota County and the Try a Tri program and trained first time triathletes.

As an avid personal growth junkie, I ventured into network marketing with a personal development company selling high end personal development products worldwide for a short stint (let’s just say it was an interesting learning experience, but did not work out!). I then worked for a large oncology practice where I initiated their integrative oncology program (Here is where I got introduced to the resistance of “big pharma” to anything holistic!). I now work part time with a wellness based, physician-directed company dedicated to manufacturing the freshest, full-spectrum omega-3 fish oil available as their community liaison.

For many years, in and around all those other jobs and careers, my passion has been to teach others how to live positive, healthy lives and find true purpose and joy working with the Universal Laws of mind and Spirit, and the power of the subconscious mind and the mind/body connection to heal. Since my mother’s death from cancer over a decade ago and my personal experience working for a large oncology practice, I also began to question some conventional medical practices and delved into the study of holistic, natural and integrative health, especially the prevention of chronic disease.

My passion is helping people realize there are many ways to prevent illness and disease and viable healing options within their own control. Physicians understand the benefit of integrative healing for their patients, but they do not understand the mechanics of mind/body healing and the healing power of nutrition, as they are not taught this in medical schools. Understanding this has led me to adding holistic healing support to my arsenal of body-mind-spirit teachings.

My combined education suits my lifelong desire to know and understand the Spirit-Mind-Body connection and how universal laws work in our lives for health and happiness. Besides my bachelor’s degree in wellness education (with an emphasis in behavioral psychology), I received a master’s degree in community counseling and a Doctorate in Metaphysics.  I speak to a variety of audiences on integrative healing, how to manifest a better life and creating positive lifestyle and health changes.  I am also the author of the “10 Day Whole Person Detox Challenge”, the 40 Day Guided Manifesting Journal, and am currently working on an eBook called “Midlife Mastery and Awakening The Power Within”, along with several other e-books and e-courses.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time at the beach, read everything I can get my hands on about body-mind-spirit health and wellness, being active with running, biking, swimming and strength training, writing my monthly Amazing Journey Midlife Mastery Holistic Health and Healing Blog for Women (and a few men!) 40+, doing some private holistic health and personal development coaching and enjoy time with my husband Steve, family and friends.

To Your Health, With Gratitude,